Attendee Comments

I love that it goes on for a week with different events for different people. Mary.

Thank you so much for this wonderful honoring so grateful – as I’m sure are the dead.

Thank you – much appreciated!

What a soothing ritual to Honour ourI loved ones who have passed on. Thank you for doing/having this yearly. The band is an added bonus and the music is apropo to the event. Lucy.

I really needed this today. Thank you

Thank you, thank you, thank you, will be back again next year – for my beloved dead. Thank you for this Space to honour them and to honour my mourning.

Wonderful magical evening – thank you all. Pat

Thank you for a wonderful story telling evening with beautiful musical accompaniment. It truly warms my heart and soul. I look forward to more stories and this yearly event.

I love this ritual of remembrance every year I come. Thank you. Danielle

Thanks for the support and the safe space for being and remembering.

Last night my friend Ingrid’s mother died at 9 PM. I am here to honour Ingrid tonight and to honour her mother. Carol.

Lovely event to honor our baby. Thank you. Nice contrast to all the Halloween bombast.

Love the idea – thank you! Marilyn

This is amazing! Luminous bounty – thank you! Thank you for introducing a friendly and respectful use of the cemetery. Katya

Thank you for respecting the day of the dead.

So wonderful this happens every year – very special and important to remember the ancestors and one’s own recently deposited. Grateful to the cemetery for holding all souls every year, blessings. Elizabeth

Meaningful for me to have a special evening to celebrate my lost loved ones. Susan

Beautiful. Thank you for this.

Thank you for this event every year. Keith

Lovely night to remember our loved ones! Mae

Memories of light and Love – thank you

Thank you so much for this memorable and lovely evening. Veronica, Rob, Victoria

Great job! Laurel and Angelo

Lovely tribute to our loved ones! Sean , Julia, Sue

Glad we came thanks! Tracy and Ray

What a lovely evening. Carol

I remembered my beautiful mother-in-law, the beautiful Maryann, this evening, with gratitude and tears. Thanks! Paula and Co.

Thank you, with love Tracy ( 10 years later)

Thank you so much for bringing this together yet of the year. Beautiful and enchanting! Suzanne

Thank you, beautiful, meaningful. Mojgan

A perfect evening! Thank you for doing your part to help the cemetery realize its full potential, connected to our community. Tiffany.

A very beautiful and touching event. I thank you for giving us the opportunity to remember those who have left us. James

Really lovely… Important event for me. Thank you. Allison

My wonderful boyfriend brought me here tonight for my first time. We are celebrating two years together, and I just lost my incredible mother, Mindy Preston, in March. Thank you so much for this magical experience. Melanie