“On All Saint’s Day in the autumn the cemeteries are little cities of golden light, a candle flickering the night through beside each grave.” 

– Poland; from Funeral Customs the World Over, Habenstein & Lamers, Bulfin, 1960


October 25 to November 1


Public Shrines

October 25 – November 1

The public are invited to light candles, write messages, and leave personal memorials to remember their dead in an atmosphere of contemplative beauty.

Quiet incidental music may be encountered in the evenings and on weekend afternoons, throughout the memorial period.

Memorial Box Lanterns Kits

October 19th – November 1

Kits will be available beginning October 19 and can be found outside the Cemetery Office to take home and personalize.

Memorials can be placed on the shrines at Mountain View Cemetery beginning October 25. 


Online Mourners Tea

Sunday, October 29 – 12–1:30 pm

A community conversation about death and grieving through personal experience.

To register for this free event or for further information, e-mail 

All ages welcome. pastedGraphic.png


Live ambient music may be encountered on weekend afternoons and all evenings.

A more detailed Events list will appear closer to the event.

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Why Are We Not Going Back to the Way Things Were?

During the pandemic we were unable to hold our usual events in the Celebration Hall, and we found ways to create a safe space to remember our dead. We provided materials & space and people knew what to do. It has become an important community tradition. Some people have been coming to All Souls at Mountain View Cemetery since childhood.

We know that many people miss the days when we gathered in the Celebration Hall, but change is the only thing we can count on in this life, and we embrace this shift. This change has also made it possible to provide more incidental music in the evenings as well as weekend afternoons that can be heard near the shrines and the graves throughout the memorial period.

Everyone who has participated in this unique ritual over the past 18 years has helped to shape All Souls at Mountain View Cemetery into what it is: a sanctuary of beauty for tender feelings, and it will continue to change and respond to the needs of the community and how we come together to mourn, celebrate and honour our dead.

All Souls will continue the tradition again this year with shrines and music in the cemetery grounds with memorial box lantern kits available for people to pick up, create at home and return to the Cemetery to add to the shrines.

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